Scholarships Available to all seniors

These are the 2017 scholarships offer/administered by the Franklin Pierce Foundation

Distinguished Navigation Scholarship

These one-year scholarships are in the amount of $1000.  Students do not apply for these scholarships.  The scholarships are based on distinguished-level work in the students' Navigation portfolios and portfolio presentations.  Students will be nominated by building teams and should meet the distinguished criteria for both portfolio and portfolio presentation by the school-based judging panel. 
(12 scholarships district-wide)

English Language Learner Scholarship

This one-year scholarship is in the amount of $500.   The recipient may be graduating from either F.P.H.S., GATES, or W.H.S. The recipient must currently be in an ELL program or transitioned during their time in the District. The recipient must have exhibited perseverance in overcoming obstacles in attaining an education. 
(1 district-wide)

Treleven Teaching Scholarship

This one-year scholarship in the amount of $1000 will be awarded to a graduating senior from either Franklin Pierce, GATES, or Washington High Schools. Preference is given to a senior intending to pursue a career in teaching. if no eligible graduate intends to pursue a career in teaching then the scholarship may be awarded to an eligible graduate in another education profession. The student must have documented active involvement in service to the community and be a person of integrity and good moral character.
(1 district-wide)